Carryduff Designs: We are an architectural company located just outside Belfast in Carryduff. Our online services include design drawings for detached domestic garages. These drawings can be ordered through this website. If you are located with Northern Ireland, we can also handle your Planning and Building Control applications.

Thinking of making some home improvements, then let us help you decide. We have design guides for the most popular home extensions and add-on's. We can guide you through the design process, the Planning system and the Building regulations. If needed we can also take you through the tendering process.

Loft Conversions

loft conversion

If your family is outgrowing your home or simply want more room. A loft conversion allows you to add space without having to move. Some lofts are more easily converted than others. A full assessment requires professional help, but you can often work out the basics yourself. Make sure you have a torch and a tape measure. Access the loft space and have a look around. Standing under the ridge check the clear height of the roof. You will need 8ft clearance but you may be able to get a useful room from as little as 7ft. Read More...

Sun Lounges

sun lounge

Sun Lounges / Sun Room are one of the most popular home improvement choice and with good reason. A room with a thousand uses, any time, day or night, winter or summer.When formed to make a junction between the outdoor garden area and the indoor living area, it is ideal for extending the use of the garden during the summer months. Providing shade during the day and warmth during the evenings makes it perfect for family gatherings, entertaining, holiday celebrations or just plain quiet time. Lay back and enjoy the great outdoors...indoors! Read more...

Domestic Extensions

extension to side of dwelling

The careful consideration of the external appearance of an extension must not be ignored if a sympathetic addition to your dwelling is to be achieved. It is usually easier and more successful to copy the appearance of the existing house, however, a contrasting design using different materials can achieve satisfactory results when the effect is to change the overall appearance of the dwelling. Read more...

Kitchen Design

modern kitchen

Planning your kitchen takes care, forethought, and a little imagination. It can also be an exciting and enjoyable challenge. The work triangle, still basic to kitchen design today as it was in the early half of the 20th Century, when it was first defined, is the arrangement of the three primary work centres in the kitchen: the storage/preparation centre (refrigerator) the cooking centre, and the clean-up centre (sink and dishwasher).But before starting on the design of the kitchen we must understand how the kitchen space is used. Kitchens are busy places, with frequent cooking and where many other household activities are carried out. So what do you do in your kitchen? How do you cook in your kitchen, what do you have in your kitchen and what do you want in your kitchen. These questions and many more need to be considered when designing that perfect kitchen. Read more...

Bathroom Design


Probably the greatest challenge in remodelling a bathroom is how to achieve the style and features you want within the limits of the smallest room in the house. The location of the plumbing affects everything, so this must be decided first. Retaining the location of existing plumbing and drainage pipes will save you money.Remodelling a bathroom is relatively easy if you don't have to move them. If you make radical changes in the existing layout, you'll need to investigate whether or not you can build what you want without making structural changes. Read more...

Garage Design

Full construction drawings for garage plans to UK standards, with on-line ordering for standard plans and full customized plans.

Fully detailed construction plans from only £65.00 Our single storey detached plans range from 3 m x 5 m long to the 9 m x 10 m long. All our plans are available in increments of one meter in length and increments of half-meter in width for the narrower plans to one meter increments for the wider plans. All our plans are provided with a range of different wall and roof finishes together with different roof pitches and can be customised to your requirements. Our plans are designed to meet England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland Building Regulations (Not suitable for use in Scotland) We provide full Working Construction Drawings to obtain approvals and to build your garage. Plans include: All Exterior Elevations; Floor Plans; Basic Electrical layout; A Full Building Width Cross Section; Strip Foundation Plan Layout; Roof Plan and detailing; Main materials specification. Read More...

Feng Shui

feng shui

Feng Shui.The Chinese and millions of other people believe, and live their lives by these natural forces. There are many different 'schools' of Feng Shui and you will find variations in the use and positioning of items. A good Feng Shui Consultant or practitioner can suggest ways to improve the environment and harmony in any home or business using the five elements, xuan kong flying star, colour, positioning of furnishings etc cures for problem areas and much more. Feng Shui is used by millions of people all over the world to enhance and attract good health, wealth and relationships. Read More...

Garage Conversions

garage conversion

For many of the house owners in UK, the garage conversion is one of the most economical ways to add a new habitable room to your property and it also increases the house value. Convert a garage and enjoy the extra space on the ground floor without reducing the natural daylight into other rooms. Building an extension is proving much more popular than moving home. The cost of building an extension is much more than garage conversions. Modern living with more people working from home, children with computers and gaming machines makes a home extension very attractive. Moving the dining room into the garage conversion allows you to have a kitchen extension in both existing kitchen and dining room.

Building Regulations

The Building Regulations are the corner stone's to the standards that we all build to. Some consider them a burden while others maintain that they are not stringent enough. Whatever the case we have to know and understand them. Full copies of the regulations for Scotland England and Northern Ireland are available for downloading